The Sonnet Project

About the Project

On Sunday 18th December...

94 sonnets took to the skies of London fastened to balloons. They drifted, carried on the wind until reaching their final resting places across the world.

On Monday 2nd January...

31 sonnets washed ashore along the South East coastline. Each sonnet was rolled carefully and tied with red ribbon within a glass bottle.

On Thursday 5th January...

29 sonnets floated along the river Cam lit by candles, making their way through the city of Cambridge.

The Sonnet Project is an experiment in presenting Shakespeare's sonnets within new environments across England. The project relies on you, the public, to find and register these sonnets in order to make them available for others to read.

By distributing each sonnet to be discovered by a stranger at random we hope to give the sonnet a new, far more personal meaning; every sonnet is a gift to be kept and treasured by the finder. At the time of writing the longest traveling sonnet to be registered reached Christchurch, New Zealand; a distance of 11,750 miles from release.

For further information regarding the project or any related press, please contact us at either of the email addresses below.

Matt Power
Mark Wheeler